Segeh Turns 23 on 8 July 2010

Salam entourage..! ;) Dah lama rasanya tak mem-belogg..heehe.. Sekarang, umurku genap 23 taoon.. Thanks to my dear friends for the wishes and not forget to my family too.. Feels very happy on my birthday although i really missed all my birthday celebrations at UKM with my lovely bestfriends ! My 4 years in UKM finally over..When i look how far i've come, i realised i've grown up physically and mentally..Praise to ALLAH for his blessed..! I managed to finish my study on its due year..Alhamdulillah.. ;) On my birthday, although there is no birthday cake for me,but my mom brought me for a dinner.. I'm really happy guys! It's very special to me =) Seafood! Ohh yeaay,, I love it ^_^. dad gave me a kiss...huahehe... Tq dad. Love u so muchhh.. A world of love for YOU and my beloved FAMILY!

till then..*Chenta*

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