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am i addicted to Facebook! - Yes, I'm. If somebody ask me why?- I will answ that there's a lot of game i can play and spent my precious time with. (Farmville, Fishville, Mafia Wars, Pet Society and bla3x...). A long time ago, am addicted to Farmville. But, since my Farm getting bigger and a lot of Fruits and ternakan yang pelu di harvest. I'm getting bored n a bit lazy to click to each tanaman. So, I quit!! ~lallalalala... And Now, I'm in the habit of playing "Yoville".. ;) ;)

I found that this game practicing my Hobbies. I lurve kemas-kemas rumah, Shopping, and being like "superb professional photographer". Using ala-ala DSLR Cam plak tu.. Aiyooo.. ;p

Here i present u my "Yoville Momento"!! Well, just to share some of it ;)

I got new room 2day.!! yoo!! ;)

hahaha.. Sorry guys ;) It's not clear!! If u want to see the clear picture of mine, IT'S EASY. Juz being my neber la.. Hihihihih.. ;p

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